Saturday, March 30, 2013

WOOYEOL fic recommendation

Title :       Shoot to Kill (My Heart Is A Smoking Gun)
Pairings:  Woohyun/Sungyeol
Chapters: 28/28
Genre:     Angst/Romance
Rating:    M (NC-17)


How the hell is he supposed to make it through this day-through his goddamn life-while carrying around the memory of that Woohyun´s mouth tastes and the sound he makes when he comes? Sungyeol has absolutely no idea what´s going on between himself and Woohyun, much less why its going on, and it doesn´t seem likely that he´ll figure it out any time soon.

   LJ  /   AFF

Credit to Autor : Lirazel (penny lane 42)  

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